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Careers Statement and Offer

At CCHS careers education is not about asking a student to decide upon their entire career today. We help them to recognise and develop their interests, skills and strengths in school and beyond. Our aim is for students to leave CCHS with an awareness of the opportunities available to them, the knowledge and the confidence to not only navigate their next steps in education but training and employment.

CCHS is one school, but with very different sites so it has been especially important to carefully identify the needs of our students so our interactions inspire, motivate and have the most impact. Some students may only be with us for a day, others will be recurrent or may attend full time.  They may have joined CCHS part way through year 11. Many will have SEN and some will have an EHCP or may identify as NEET during an admission to hospital.  To ensure we are able to provide the right guidance, learning and experiences at the right time we have created a plan that is available to staff, students, parents, governors and employers alike. It is used to meet an individual’s needs and for this reason, is flexible when required.

The Gatsby benchmarks ensure we effectively provide good quality employability education, information, advice and guidance. Helping students and families make informed decisions and feel confident managing transitions.

Our plan aims to:

  • Create opportunities for students to access the community (when appropriate)
  • To identify student strengths and interests and apply these to the world of work
  • To provide meaningful careers related experiences
  • To support inclusion and promote equality of opportunity
  • To support students through key transition points
  • To provide support to parents/carers in their aspirations for their child in relation to not only education beyond CCHS, but employment.


What are the Gatsby Benchmarks?

How we meet each Gatsby Benchmark

Careers Plan

Roles and Responsibilities

Access for Education and Training Provider Policy

Careers Advice & Guidance Questionnaire