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St Marys


puppet2Aaesha, Leonard, Muzdalife and Pharell worked with musicians Daniel, Jackie and Vicky from Wigmore Hall to create compositions based on Petrouchka by Stravinsky. Using puppets that were made by the group during the morning session they created two pieces to represent Pipe the Clown, Princess Elizabeth ballerina and Pharell's Computer Puppet. Joining this together was Stravinsky's "Danse Russe" music from Petrouchka.


musiciansAndre, Daniel, Laura, Sara and Sarah worked with musicians Daniel, Julian and Kate from Wigmore Hall to create compositions based on Pulcinella by Stravinsky. We looked at Picasso's painting "Three Musicians" (Pablo Picasso designed all of the sets and costumes for the first performance) and using poetry by Apollinaire who appears in the painting we created two pieces. Everyone joined in a rhythmic version of "Pab-lo Pi-cass-o". Listen out for the "Rocky" quote!

The Firebird

firebirdYasmin and Shakwarn worked with musicians Julian, Jackie and Kate from Wigmore Hall to create compositions based on The Firebird by Stravinsky. We used pictures of the Firebird and Kastchei to create pieces of music to represent these two characters, all connected by seven repeated chords, (Stravinsky loved using odd numbers: particularly 7, 11, 13).


Thumbnail_Rafts Teyla-Marie was very proud of her boat that she made to sail to the island. Becky-Anne was really pleased with her boat. She even put her name on the sail!