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St Marys


thumbnail_for_web_site During this half-term we have been looking at different transformations, here students have moved shapes around a grid to show different translations and rotations.

Waterproof Materials

thumbnail_for_web_site To help us with designing shelters for our Island we decided to test whether different materials were waterproof.  Student worked in pairs to devise a way of testing different items around the classroom such as tissue paper, paper towel and cardboard.  They put a lot of thought into making the testing fair and how their results would be recorded.  Students then put their findings into an experimental report.

Bridge Building

thumbnail_for_web_site As part of our Island theme we looked at bridges as a means of getting to an island. Students began by looking at photographs of various famous bridges such as the Clifton Suspension Bridge, Sydney Harbour Bridge and Juscelino Kubitschek Bridge.  They then split into two teams and designed their own bridges.  The girls went for a truss style bridge with additional support underneath.  The boys designed a combination of an arch and a truss bridge.  We then used masses to test out the bridges strength with surprising results.  The girls’ bridge held 875 grams and the boys’ bridge held 400 grams.  Well done to the girls’ team!


St Mary's students had the great opportunity of working with musicians from Wigmoore Hall for a period of 6 weeks. Over this time they composed and recorded these pieces of music. The first 3 tracks slotted in with the school theme of transport and the last 3 with the theme of habitats. Special thanks to Julian Ferraretto for leading the workshops and his amazing editing skills.

Fashion Week!

Meryem_thumbnailFor fashion week Meryem created a "Flower Power" design. She adapted a white t-shirt using a net curtain and some purple fur and decorated it with a felt flower! Well done Meryem!

More Fashion Week!


Nafisa's t-shirt design was inspired by sweets and cakes. She made a 3D cupcake out of fabric and used coloured pom poms to create smarties. Very imaginative Nafisa, well done!