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St Marys

Brilliant Bagels

Sams_Bagels_thumbnailSam was given the challenge of designing a dream sandwich, the yummiest one that he could invent and would enjoy eating. He was so hungry that he decided he needed to make two! You can see that Sam thoroughly enjoyed the whole process of preparing and eating his yummy bagels.



Perfect Pizza

Perfect_Pizza_thumbnail Our topic at St Mary's this term is Healthy Eating and we have been exploring foods that are healthy and some that are not so healthy! In art to link with this topic, we have been trying to make replica foods as realistically as possible using a range of materials. Arandeep made this delicious pizza using cardboard, newspaper, mod roc, acrylic paint and coloured paper.




St_Marys_recycled_fashion_week_thumbIn Design Technology, children have learnt how all the stuff we would normally tend to throw away can be reused to create great things, from handbag to hats! Ronnie made a caterpillar out of an old plastic bottle and other children made a peace and love sign using newspapers. It is also easy to make your own recycled paper; all you need is a bit of water and used sheets of paper cut into small pieces.





RE_THumbnailIn RE we have been learning about festivals. On 6th January we looked at Epiphany. Ahmad and Zuhair designed crowns for the Three Kings.



Pom Pom Mice

ronniethumbnailwebsiteIn our DT lesson we made pom pom mice. Here is Ronnie proudly showing his super mouse called Silly. In the other picture we have Rebecca and Nelson's mice having a cheesey chat!