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St Marys


spiderthumb.jpgOne of our pupils, Dean, is a really big Spiderman fan, and he was really excited to discover that a member of our staff ACTUALLY IS SPIDERMAN! How cool is that?
Has anyone got any idea which member of staff that is?

Iroko Band

At the end of term we had a visit from the African Drum Band 'Iroko'. As well as playing alongside them we all got up and danced. Iroko's visits are very popular and they always draws a crowd of parents and staff who pass by and wonder where all the loud music is coming from! 

What's in a building

What's in a buildingKey stage 3 student Sammie participated in the secondary Art lessons. The scheme 'What's in a Building' focused on sculpture and mod 3 D sculpture in plastic. Sammie made a 3 D sculpture of a building using a variety of materials.

Self image

111.jpg KS 4 students were discussing identity. They chose to represent important aspects of their image using collage and texture. Cherrelle decided to use a variety of materials to produce this self representation.